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  • Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services - Provides specialized employment-related and education-related services and training to assist teens and adults with disabilities in becoming employed, through personalized programs designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual. Services can include educational services; vocational assessment, evaluation and counseling; job training; assistive technology; orientation and mobility training; and job placement.











  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services – Provides a variety of services to persons with disabilities, with the ultimate goal to prepare for, enter into, or retain employment.






  • Arkansas Career Training Institute - Provides comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities, including counseling and case management, vocational assessment and evaluation, vocational training, employability skills, recreation and student living services, behavior enhancement and social skills development, psychological and medical services, and job placement.







  • Department of Rehabilitation Services (California) - Assists people with disabilities to live independently, become employed and have equality in the communities in which they live and work, by providing consultation; counseling and vocational rehabilitation; and services with community partners.


  • Exceptional Minds (Sherman Oaks, California) – Provides vocational in-studio training in animation and visual effects for young adults with autism. 

  • Inclusion Films (Bakersfield, Livermore, & Sacramento, California) - Provides training in film production for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, moving them beyond classroom instruction and offering students real-world experience. After completing the program, students are encouraged to apply for a position with Inclusion Films production company, Team Diversity Media, as well as to seek employment through other avenues in the film industry. 

  • The Spero Vineyards Viticulture Vocational Training Program (Temecula, California) - Provides opportunities for young adults with developmental disabilities to train in various aspects of the winemaking business, and offers the opportunity to earn a customer service certification and food handler's license. 

  • The Specialists Guild (San Francisco, California) – Trains those with autism for jobs in line with their skills and interests, and connects them with companies and jobs so that they can earn a living doing meaningful and fulfilling work. 


  • Actors for Autism (Los Angeles County, California) – Creates new and innovative programs for children and adults on the autism spectrum which help build a productive and meaningful future. Programs include social skills, filmmaking, visual effects, business development, and video game design.


  • National Foundation for Autism Research / Technical Training Programs (San Diego, CA) – Offers technical training programs specifically designed to build technical skills for young adults with autism through instructor-lead, hands-on training with real life applications, which build confidence, expertise and experiences that can lead to careers within software testing, computer programming, and other technical professions.






  • Blue Star Recyclers (Denver and Colorado Springs, CO) - Offers meaningful employment, in the electronics recycling industry, for people with autism and other disabilities. Provides fair wages, and a sense of purpose, community, pride, and accomplishment. 







  • Department of Rehabilitation Services - Assists individuals with significant physical and mental disabilities to prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment, by providing individualized services which support planning for and achieving their job goals.










District of Columbia







  • Rising Tide Car Wash (Parkland, Florida) – Established especially to provide employment for those with autism. 


  • The Chocolate Spectrum (Jupiter, Florida)  – A top-notch chocolate shop that also trains and hires people on the autism spectrum. Guests can place orders online that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and to all military installations. 







  • Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (Georgia) – provides services to help eligible persons with disabilities prepare for, start and maintain competitive employment, thus becoming productive and independent citizens in their communities.


  • Nobis Works (Marietta, Georgia) – Offers employment services through job training, education, job placement and support for those with autism and other disabilities.





  • Hawaii Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – Provides services that help those with disabilities who are looking to enter and retain employment. Partners the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Department of Education, Department of Health, University of Hawaii, and the Community Colleges as well as divisions within the Department of Human Services in order to provide best quality services.











  •  Aspiritech (Chicago, Illinois) - Trains adults with autism and related disorders for jobs testing software for tech development companies. 


  • AutonomyWorks (Chicago, Illinois) – Provides jobs for people with autism which require attention to detail, focus through repetitive tasks, and dedication to quality. 




  • PACCT Adult Vocational Programs (Chicago, Illinois) - Helps young adults with autism find meaningful volunteer and employment positions in the community, while respecting the person’s right to choose in regard to where they work.


  • Turning Point Autism Foundation / Career College (Naperville, Illinois) - Offers an innovative approach to teaching life, social, and work readiness skills. Instruction is highly individualized and focuses on the development of skills and adaptive strategies that will support an individual’s success in school, in the workplace, and in life; and gives students the opportunity to interview with a corporate partner.





















  • Carl D. Perkins Vocational Training Center – Assists people with many types of disabilities including those with learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and intellectual disabilities to achieve their vocational goals.






  • Louisiana Workforce Commission – Provides comprehensive rehabilitation services which include work evaluation and job readiness services; assessment for and provision of assistive technology; job counseling services, and medical and therapeutic services.






  • Maine Vocational and Rehabilitation Associates - Provides support and treatment for individuals living with a range of disabilities by helping them identify, develop, and succeed in skills, interests, and abilities, which leads to a better quality of life.








  • CSAAC / Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children (Montgomery Village & Brookeville, Maryland) - Provides direct services to children and adults diagnosed with autism across their lifespan to enable individuals to achieve their highest potential and contribute as  confident members of their community. 






















  • Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services - Helping people with disabilities achieve independence by providing services which include vocational evaluation, counseling and guidance, educational assistance, job training, job placement, and assistive technology.











  • Montana Department of Rehabilitation Services – Provides evaluation, career counseling and guidance, medical and psychological; jog training, development, and placement; rehabilitation technology, post-employment services, and referrals.






  • Autism Center of Nebraska (Omaha, Nebraska) - Provides a variety of residential, vocational, pre-vocational and educational services to help those with autism become active members of the community. 


  • Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation - Helps people with disabilities prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment while helping businesses recruit, train, and retain employees with disabilities.











New Hampshire





New Jersey 

  • Ability2Work Foundation / Grateful Bites Bakery, Café, Restaurant (Flemington, New Jersey) - Trains and employs the developmentally disabled to work in their award-winning Grateful Bites restaurant. All proceeds from Grateful Bites support those with disabilities in job sampling, training, and employment through Ability2Work Foundations inclusive approach. Encourages and empowers those with autism to succeed, shine, and be contributing members of their community.  






New Mexico






New York

  • Spectrum Designs (Long Island, New York) – Established to provide jobs for people with autism in the clothing print design industry.


  • ULTRA Testing (New York, New York) - Provides employment on their software testing services teams to individuals with Asperger Syndrome and similar autism profiles.


  • Foundation for Empowering Citizens with Autism (Mount Kisco, New York) – Advocates for appropriate educational, vocational, employment, community, outreach and integration, treatment, and other related programs and services on behalf of individuals on the autism spectrum.    




North Carolina 

  • Bitty & Beau’s Coffee (Wilmington, North Carolina) – Established to provide jobs for those with disabilities to earn money and participate in the community. 

  • Extraordinary Ventures (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) - Provides people with autism and other developmental disabilities various jobs within the community including event set up, laundry service and delivery, data entry, packaging, mailing, dog walking, cat sitting, city bus clean up, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill football parking. 



  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services - Provides counseling, training, education, transportation, job placement, assistive technology and other support services to people with disabilities.





North Dakota




















  • Oregon Department of Vocational Rehabilitation – Assists individuals with disabilities to obtain and keep jobs that complement, their skills, interests and abilities. Partners with the community and businesses to provide services that help clients receive services that are essential to their employment success, and greater independence.




  • Barber National Institute Autism Support Services (Erie, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, & Philadelphia Pennsylvania) - Provides children and adults with intellectual disabilities and behavioral health challenges and their families, the education, support, and resources needed to be self-reliant, independent, and valued members of their communities; including pre-employment, supported employment, and transitional work services; as well as education and training to professionals. 


  • Keystone Autism Services (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) - Provides services in both Pennsylvania and Delaware for children and adults with autism to help them reach their goals and participate meaningfully within their communities, including job coaching and employment placement.







Rhode Island






South Carolina







South Dakota





















  • The nonPareil Institute (Plano, Texas & Portland Oregon) - Provides technical training, employment, and housing to individuals ages 17 and older who have been diagnosed with autism and related disorders. Trains individuals in different aspects of video game and app design and development.







  • Andolsek Company (Salt Lake City, Utah) – Established by Founder and Executive Creator  Michael Ryan Andolsek, who has autism, this fashion house creates and sells women’s high-end apparel, while also providing jobs for other talented designers on the autism spectrum.


  • Utah State Office of Rehabilitation - Assists people with disabilities to achieve and maintain meaningful employment, by providing services such as counseling and guidance, medical services and treatment, assistive technology, training and education, job placement, and follow up services.























West Virginia








  • State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development – Helps people with disabilities prepare for, secure, retain, or regain an employment outcome that is consistent with the strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice of the client.




















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