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Scholarships & Grants 



The Best Scholarships For Students With Disabilities




  • TACA / Talk About Curing Autism / TACA Scholarships - Provides medical scholarships to families living with autism. These scholarships help families pay for physician-prescribed services, and include stop-gap medical treatments, independent assessments, and other necessary crisis funding.  






Organizations Outside the USA




  • ASPECT / Autism Spectrum Australia - Provides information, intervention and a wide range of services to meet the needs of people on the spectrum and their families, as well as collaborates with other organizations to offer better options for people on the spectrum. 


  • Autism Queensland (Queensland, Australia) - Autism Queensland provides a comprehensive range of education, therapy, and support services to assist those with autism, their families, and professionals working with them.  


  • AEIOU Foundation (Australia) – Offers early intervention high-quality therapy, care, and supports that enable children with autism to develop essential life skills, independence, confidence, and inclusion. Also supports research, and provides advocacy at both State and Federal Government levels to raise awareness and increase the financial support for children with autism and their families.


  • Amaze (Australia) - Raises awareness and influences positive change for people on the autism spectrum, their families, and supporters. Provides independent, credible information and resources to individuals, families, professionals, government and the wider community.


  • Autism NSW (Australia) – Provides individualized therapy for children and adults with autism, using the Davis Autism Approach which helps autistic individuals appreciate their individuality while learning to understand and find their places in the world.


  • Autism Western Australia (Australia) – Provides a wide range of lifespan services to people with autism, and maintains well-established links both nationally and internationally to stay up-to-date on advances in autism understanding and well-being.  





  • Autism Canada – Facilitates the exchange of information between individuals with autism, families, professionals, researchers, governments, and the public by providing information and service referrals across Canada. 


  • Society for Treatment of Autism (Alberta, Canada) – Provides comprehensive treatment, educational and consulting services for people with autism and their families. Offers services throughout Alberta and other parts of Canada.






  • Autism Partnership Limited (Hong Kong) 
    Offers intensive behavior treatment, based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), for those with ASD so they can reach their greatest potential, foster meaningful relationships and lead productive lives. Also advocates effective treatments for autism; strengthens skills of parents, teachers and professionals caring for individuals with ASD; raises public awareness and knowledge about autism and inclusive schooling; and supports autism research and the development of programs aimed at addressing the social needs of individuals with ASD. 


  • Autism Recovery Network (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia) 
    Offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in for children with autistic spectrum disorders, which provides children with tailored learning opportunities and recovery programs to maximize a child’s potential.  

  • Rainbow Project (Hong Kong, China) – Provides services to children with autism coming from multinational English speaking backgrounds, as well as conducts workshops, trainings, talks and presentations on Autism in mainstream schools to raise the awareness of autism. 


New Zealand:


  • Autism New Zealand - Provides support, resources, and information to those with autism, their families caregivers, and professionals working with them. 


  • IHC New Zealand - Provides a range of services to children and families with intellectual disabilities and autism. 


  • Altogether Autism - Supplies information for people with autism, parents, educators, support workers, and professionals working with adults or children on the autism spectrum.


  • Asperger’s Consulting - Provides consulting services for adults, teenagers and children with Asperger Syndrome (AS; and their parents, partners, children, family members, friends, teachers, health professionals, colleagues, and employers.





 United Kingdom:


  • The National Autistic Society (United Kingdom) - Provides diagnostic, academic, vocational, specialized, family, and caregiver services; as well as training and opportunities that build social skills for independent living. 


  • Autism Alliance UK network of autism charities that work in partnership with people with autism, their families, professionals, and other organizations to increase understanding, provide services, and achieve best possible outcomes.


  • Autistic UK  - A national organization run by people with autism, Autistic UK campaigns in the UK and beyond to advance the interests of all people on the autism spectrum; offers information and support;  promotes the civil and human rights of autistic people, and works to improve services, facilities, and conditions.


  • Child Autism UK - Provides services to help children overcome challenges with communication, learning and life skills; gives families the techniques and strategies to cope with autism; provides a network for ABA professionals,  and training and services for schools.


  • Music for Autism - Started in the U.K. and then brought to the U.S. in New York, Texas, and California, Music for Autism provides sensory-friendly musical experiences for those with ASD and their families. Musicians include Grammy and Tony-nominated and winning artists, and Pulitzer Prize winners.

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  • Derbyshire Autism Services (Derbyshire, England) – Provides specialized services, training, and support across the lifespan for those with autism, their families, and caregivers. 


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Disclaimer / CYDF Autism Services Resource Guide


Chase Yur Dreams Foundation provides the Autism Services Resource Guide as a reference tool, and every effort is made to ensure listings are current. However, Chase Yur Dreams Foundation does not endorse or claim to have personal knowledge of the abilities of those listed. The guide is not intended as a recommendation, referral, or endorsement of any service or resource, nor as a tool for verifying the credentials, qualifications, or abilities of any organization, product, program, or professional. Users are urged to employ independent discretion and judgment and to request references when considering any resource associated with diagnosis or treatment of autism, or the provision of services, programs, and professionals related to autism. 

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