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General Resources



Advocating for Students on the Autism Spectrum - This guide discusses issues surrounding the education of students on the autism spectrum, including the rights and responsibilities of parties involved, plus governing laws, programs, and additional resources.

30 Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Month - a goal-focused approach to Autism Awareness Month activities choosing projects that facilitate positive attitudes & discussions. 

Autism Resource Center - AACAP - This Resource Center was made possible by a grant from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's Campaign for America's Kids (CFAK).

Autism Speaks (Nationwide Resource Guide) – Provides resource guide for those with autism and their families, caregivers, and professionals nationwide; and raises awareness and funds to support the autism community and research.


Autism Society of America (Nationwide Resource Guide) – Provides an extensive nationwide database of services for those diagnosed with autism and their families.

Autism Support Network - Free support community and connect with thousands of other families and individuals touched by ASD.

Autism & Dental Care  - A resource guide to help families with children, teens & adults with autism who have gone through rough experiences at a dental office.


Best Vocational Training Programs for Disabled - Vocational training for the disabled offers a chance for employers to bring diversity into the workplace.

CARD / Center for Autism and Related Disorders (Nationwide Locations) - Provides assistance with specific areas of concern for a family and develops and implements strategies to diminish problem behaviors and teach necessary skills. Programs include comprehensive and innovative curricula tailored to the specific needs of individuals from birth to 21 years of age and helps them learn to communicate, develop friendships, and lead happy, healthy lives.


Careers - The Spectrum Careers (General Resource) - Rangam Consultants and Autism Speaks teamed up to create The Spectrum Careers, a program that matches employers with workers on the autism spectrum.

Classroom Accommodations for Kids with Sensory Issue: Working with Schools - If your child qualifies for special education services, he will receive an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), created cooperatively by you and the school, that spells out how the school will meet his unique needs, providing a free and appropriate education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE).

Cleaner Indoor Air & Chemical Sensitivities / Invisible Disabilities Association 
Educates medical facilities, businesses, and churches on how to create a less threatening environment for people with environmental sensitivities and disabilities. 


College Autism Spectrum / CAS (Based in West Hartford, Connecticut)  - Assists students with autism spectrum disorders, and their families through college counseling (navigating college options before, during and through the college process); work skills (interview skills, specific job-related skills, etc.); and provides campuses and professionals with the tools and training to work effectively with students on the spectrum, and to understand the challenges and talents they bring. 


College Steps - Provides personalized college support for students with ASD and related challenges, which establishes a foundation for success in academics, work, and life.

COVID - Making special education work for your child during COVID-19 - Concerns and choices are even more difficult for parents of children with disabilities, who are among the most vulnerable students and who are at increased risk of regression during school disruptions.

COVID - How Americans with disabilities can cope with the COVID-19 crisis - The COVID-19 pandemic poses a severe risk to the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities. Here are some tips on how to protect and advocate for yourself during this unprecedented crisis.


Easter Seals (Nationwide General Resource) – Provides a variety of employment and training programs for those with autism and other disabilities. 

Estate Planning Checklist - An estate plan is a series of financial planning steps that you undertake to address the health, financial, and family issues most people face as they get older. 

Guide to Finding Credible Medical Advice / Spring Arbor University 
Provides practical suggestions to help evaluate and determine the credibility of online medical resources. 

Guide for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Online Safety 

A Helpful Online Safety Guide for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Housing - How to Find an Accessible Apartment - Finding an affordable, livable apartment

Housing - Disability Apartments: Looks and Features You Might Find - Here’s what you can expect to see in a disability apartment, and how it will help you (or the person you’re helping) in daily life.

How to Calm a Child With Autism: Techniques for avoiding and managing meltdowns - It's not always easy to calm a child with autism, but there are techniques that can often be successful. Some require a bit of extra equipment that offers sensory comfort. Some of these items can be used in settings like school or community venues. If they work well, they're worth their weight in gold.

How to Create a Safe, Sensory-Friendly Backyard Landscape for Your Child With Special Needs - There are extra considerations when your child has special needs, but time outside still can offer tremendous therapeutic benefits, especially for children with autism or similar conditions that may keep them confined indoors in highly structured, climate-controlled environments for most of the day. 


Jason’s Connections

Provides an online network of resources to enrich the lives of those with various abilities and challenges.

Jobs - The Complete [2021] Guide to Jobs For Autistic People - This is the complete guide to jobs for autistic people. But It’s not only for autistic adults. It’s also extremely beneficial for allistic (non-autistic) employers.

Legal Guides: Special Needs Trusts / What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know - Information regarding special needs trusts (sometimes called supplemental needs trusts) which are designed to allow individuals with special needs to access additional funds without risking the loss of their government benefits.

Low Vision Internet Gateway / Low Vision Center of Indiana 
Provides an extensive resource bank of information and services related to numerous visions issues, which can present themselves in people on and off the autism spectrum.  

Love and Autism Conference - This is an annual conference that addresses how the various types of love relationships (family, friends, and romantic) manifest in and enrich the lives of those with autism. The conference website features different videos on the subject, as well as an invitation to sign up for their mailing list to receive year-round updates on articles, research, human interest stories, and conference news.


Microsoft Autism Pilot Program (General Resource) – Established a pilot program that hires autistic adults for coding, software programming, and math jobs.


Moving with Special Needs Kids: A Guide for Parents - Here are some tips to help you with the moving process, ensuring that your child's needs are met throughout it.

Moving With Autism: How to Plan Your Transition to a New Home - Although you can’t eliminate all anxiety a move may cause, you can do many things to make the process easier on your loved ones and yourself.

Pets: Is a Therapy Dog Right for Your Child with Autism [Complete Guide] - A therapy dog is trained to provide comfort in a therapeutic context. Settings you may see therapy dogs include nursing homes, health care and mental health facilities and hospitals. Sometimes a therapy dog can help a patient overcome a stressful or traumatic procedure,  or they might help with occupational or physical therapy.


Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH International) – A global authority, resource, and advocate for horse-related activities and therapies. Sets standards for optimal safety and results for people with special needs. Check this website for PATH certified therapeutic riding centers in your area.

Renters’ Rights and Housing Assistance for People with Disabilities


Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym

Provides a sensory-friendly, specially designed gym experience for children on the autism spectrum, with+ locations throughout the USA.

Sensory - Creating a Sensory-Friendly Home - how to create a safe and functional home environment.

Sleep - The Complete Guide to Well-Rested Kids at Every Age - helpful sleep information/tips for babies all the way through teens

Sleep - The Sleep Help Institute - Provides information and resources for common sleep disorders affecting children and adults with autism.

Sleep - The Ultimate Guide to Helping Children With Autism Sleep Soundly at Night - Research has found that 40 to 80 percent of people on the autism spectrum struggle to sleep


Sleep - Best Mattress Reviews / Autism, ADHD, & Sleep Provides people of all abilities, who suffer from sleep-related disorders, with information that will enable the best possible sleep experience.


Sleep - Navigating Sleep Challenges for Children with Autism - 10 ways you can help your child with ASD sleep better


Special Needs Checklist: How Disability-Friendly is Your City? - The city you live in can have an enormous impact on your quality of life – especially if you have a disability. From wheelchair accessible sidewalks to employment options to the weather itself, there are a variety of characteristics that can determine whether your hometown is a good place to live. 

Social Stories for Kids With Autism: The Ultimate Guide - A social story is a narrative made to illustrate certain situations and problems and how people deal with them. They help children with autism understand social norms and learn how to communicate with others appropriately.


Specialisterne Foundation (Global / General Resource) - Strives to provide equal opportunities for people in the labor market, working with companies around the world to provide jobs for people with autism and similar challenges.


(Global / General Resource) - An autism and employment blog that includes helpful and innovative tools for job seekers and employers alike. 


TACA / Talk About Curing Autism – Has local chapters in several states, and provides programs and services at little or no cost to families. 


Technology Guide for People with Disabilities / Provides a comprehensive list of apps and software programs appropriate for various disabilities, which support individuals in the classroom and at work.

Transition to Adulthood: Home Modifications for Young Adults with Special Needs - With some thoughtful modifications, it’s possible to turn your home into a multigenerational space that provides adult children the opportunity to do more for themselves, while keeping them under the same roof.

Trauma - Resources for Kids in Trauma - Several factors can change the course of kids’ lives: feeling seen and heard by a caring adult, being patiently taught coping strategies and resilience-building techniques, and being with adults who know about the effects of such experiences. Here are ways to bring these factors to life.

Traveling with Autism: How to Handle Safety, Transitions, and Time in Transit - With some advance planning and a good safety strategy, you can make transitions and time in transit a lot more manageable.


Treating Sensory Processing Issues: Specialized gyms help over-sensitive (or under-sensitive) kids - The idea behind SI therapy is that specific movement activities, resistive body work, and even brushing of the skin can help a child with sensory problems experience an optimal level of arousal and regulation. 

TOP Soccer (Nationwide) – Provides a community-based training and team placement program designed especially to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl, who has a mental or physical disability.



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Organizations Outside the USA




  • ASPECT / Autism Spectrum Australia - Provides information, intervention and a wide range of services to meet the needs of people on the spectrum and their families, as well as collaborates with other organizations to offer better options for people on the spectrum. 


  • Autism Queensland (Queensland, Australia) - Autism Queensland provides a comprehensive range of education, therapy, and support services to assist those with autism, their families, and professionals working with them.  


  • AEIOU Foundation (Australia) – Offers early intervention high-quality therapy, care, and supports that enable children with autism to develop essential life skills, independence, confidence, and inclusion. Also supports research, and provides advocacy at both State and Federal Government levels to raise awareness and increase the financial support for children with autism and their families.


  • Amaze (Australia) - Raises awareness and influences positive change for people on the autism spectrum, their families, and supporters. Provides independent, credible information and resources to individuals, families, professionals, government and the wider community.


  • Autism NSW (Australia) – Provides individualized therapy for children and adults with autism, using the Davis Autism Approach which helps autistic individuals appreciate their individuality while learning to understand and find their places in the world.


  • Autism Western Australia (Australia) – Provides a wide range of lifespan services to people with autism, and maintains well-established links both nationally and internationally to stay up-to-date on advances in autism understanding and well-being.  





  • Autism Canada – Facilitates the exchange of information between individuals with autism, families, professionals, researchers, governments, and the public by providing information and service referrals across Canada. 


  • Society for Treatment of Autism (Alberta, Canada) – Provides comprehensive treatment, educational and consulting services for people with autism and their families. Offers services throughout Alberta and other parts of Canada.






  • Autism Partnership Limited (Hong Kong) 
    Offers intensive behavior treatment, based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), for those with ASD so they can reach their greatest potential, foster meaningful relationships and lead productive lives. Also advocates effective treatments for autism; strengthens skills of parents, teachers and professionals caring for individuals with ASD; raises public awareness and knowledge about autism and inclusive schooling; and supports autism research and the development of programs aimed at addressing the social needs of individuals with ASD. 


  • Autism Recovery Network (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia) 
    Offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in for children with autistic spectrum disorders, which provides children with tailored learning opportunities and recovery programs to maximize a child’s potential.  

  • Rainbow Project (Hong Kong, China) – Provides services to children with autism coming from multinational English speaking backgrounds, as well as conducts workshops, trainings, talks and presentations on Autism in mainstream schools to raise the awareness of autism. 


New Zealand:


  • Autism New Zealand - Provides support, resources, and information to those with autism, their families caregivers, and professionals working with them. 


  • IHC New Zealand - Provides a range of services to children and families with intellectual disabilities and autism. 


  • Altogether Autism - Supplies information for people with autism, parents, educators, support workers, and professionals working with adults or children on the autism spectrum.


  • Asperger’s Consulting - Provides consulting services for adults, teenagers and children with Asperger Syndrome (AS; and their parents, partners, children, family members, friends, teachers, health professionals, colleagues, and employers.


 United Kingdom:


  • The National Autistic Society (United Kingdom) - Provides diagnostic, academic, vocational, specialized, family, and caregiver services; as well as training and opportunities that build social skills for independent living. 


  • Autism Alliance UK network of autism charities that work in partnership with people with autism, their families, professionals, and other organizations to increase understanding, provide services, and achieve best possible outcomes.


  • Autistic UK  - A national organization run by people with autism, Autistic UK campaigns in the UK and beyond to advance the interests of all people on the autism spectrum; offers information and support;  promotes the civil and human rights of autistic people, and works to improve services, facilities, and conditions.


  • Child Autism UK - Provides services to help children overcome challenges with communication, learning and life skills; gives families the techniques and strategies to cope with autism; provides a network for ABA professionals,  and training and services for schools.


  • Music for Autism - Started in the U.K. and then brought to the U.S. in New York, Texas, and California, Music for Autism provides sensory-friendly musical experiences for those with ASD and their families. Musicians include Grammy and Tony-nominated and winning artists, and Pulitzer Prize winners.

​ ​​

  • Derbyshire Autism Services (Derbyshire, England) – Provides specialized services, training, and support across the lifespan for those with autism, their families, and caregivers. 


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Disclaimer / CYDF Autism Services Resource Guide


Chase Yur Dreams Foundation provides the Autism Services Resource Guide as a reference tool, and every effort is made to ensure listings are current. However, Chase Yur Dreams Foundation does not endorse or claim to have personal knowledge of the abilities of those listed. The guide is not intended as a recommendation, referral, or endorsement of any service or resource, nor as a tool for verifying the credentials, qualifications, or abilities of any organization, product, program, or professional. Users are urged to employ independent discretion and judgment and to request references when considering any resource associated with diagnosis or treatment of autism, or the provision of services, programs, and professionals related to autism. 

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