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EP Magazine - Positive Change for the Special Needs Community

Starting out as Exceptional Parent almost five decades ago— now known simply as ep Magazine — ep has served the disability and special needs community with award-winning content and expertise that people can rely on. Their mission has always been: To Develop, Translate, and Share Information and Education to use as tools to effectuate positive change in the special needs community from infancy to senior citizens across the lifespan.


They are currently the only special interest consumer publication in America to bear the endorsement of a professional medical society, the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD.) For the past two decades their efforts have additionally embraced military familiars caring for loved ones with specials needs—and, of course, our men and women returning with the wounds and scars of war. These efforts have received numerous awards and citations from organizations and associations, as well as the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

ep continues to strive to be a leader in the community for its readers in 86 countries around the world. Their practical, hands-on knowledge of the disability community and access to medical leaders, organizations, associations, advocacy groups, and professional medical societies helps them to support millions of people involved in the care and development of people with disabilities and special health care needs.

Autism, specifically, continues to be one of the top priorities for their publication. They focus a lot of their research and time to bringing any new studies, information, trending topics, and stories to their readers.

Beyond the ep publication, they have a detailed Special Needs Resource Directory that is available to all website visitors. The directory was originally published 25 years ago, and they have continued to perfect it year after year. Their knowledge, partnerships, and research continues to allow their resource directory to be one of the best in the industry. The online version of ep Special Needs Resource Directory showcases the key industry resources within the special needs community. Readers are also able to utilize special programs and educational information from network sponsors, and receive new products and services announcements

Coming Soon!

The Exceptional Blog is scheduled to come to within the next month! The Exceptional Blog seeks to answer the questions that fill the minds of people caring for loved ones with special needs. It will enable you to reach out and interact with other families who are just like you. The blog is built on the idea that no one is ever alone, and is a place where families can share stories, ideas, and experiences, opening the lines of communication.

#EPconnectep also wants to connect with you beyond the blog! They are currently active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +, and hope to bring easy accessibility of daily articles to your fingertips. You can reach out to them through #EPconnect and share your stories and questions. In addition to daily article posts, ep wants to build a social community through open discussion, important finds, and currently trending stories. ep would like to be able to share your stories and special moments with followers. Questions through #EPconnect allow them to fully promote the connection of their relationships with experts in their respective fields to address individual questions about all disorders.

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