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Higher Education


Top Colleges and Universities with

Inclusive Education Programs

For Those with Disabilities

A message from Chase: Some people with autism, dream of going to a college or university one day. I’m considering going to a university to study filmmaking. There are other people who never considered higher education because they don’t think it’s possible – but that’s not true! If you dream of going to a college or university, I say, GO FOR IT! Some of you may even become teachers, or do some other job at university! We are lucky to be living in a time when we have national and international laws that require schools and employers to make reasonable accommodations for people with all kinds of disabilities, including those of us with autism. Some schools have a strong culture and support system on their campuses for people with autism. Other schools are in the process of discovering new ways to make their campuses more inclusive, and you can be a part of helping to make that happen. Look through the colleges and universities we have listed here. We included the links to their information pages for students with disabilities. With careful planning, support, and the willingness to make it work, you can make your dreams of higher education a reality! 


























































































































































































































New Zealand
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