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Autism Spectrum Disorder in

Film & Television

A message from Chase: 


When watching movies or television, sometimes people enjoy seeing characters who are like themselves or someone they know. People with autism, and their friends and families feel the same way, and it’s good to know that there are some good shows available that feature interesting characters on the autism spectrum. Movies and television are an awesome way to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, events, circumstances, and exciting things that matter to lots of people. I’m a visual learner, so movies and television mean a lot to me, not just for learning, but for entertainment as well. Of course, doing my YouTube shows is how I started sharing things with the world, and I want to produce television shows and films as well. So just like with the books, if you’re looking for documentaries to get more information, or if you want to watch good stories that feature interesting characters on the autism spectrum, check-out this list. Maybe you’ll find something that’s new to you.






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