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A Message from Chase


People on the autism spectrum, like me, all look different; have different gifts and challenges; things we like and don’t like; dreams that we want to make happen; things to give the world that make it a better place; and we want to feel proud of ourselves. All of this makes us no different than any other person. And like all people, those diagnosed with autism need help achieving goals and dreams. For some, being able to live independently is one of those dreams, and often requires extra care, planning, and resources in order to make that happen.


I know that I am very fortunate to have people in my life who give me the encouragement,

information, and extra support I need to achieve my dreams. One of my biggest and most important dreams is to help others with autism get the assistance they need to live as independently as possible. This is what my Chase Yur Dreams Foundation is all about.

I am committed to doing my part to make this happen, and I’m counting on you to do your part as well. Growing up, my mom would always remind me that everyone is, “Doing life with a little bit of help.” Together, we will build a legacy of helping people with autism live life to the fullest, and achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

You can help support Chase Yur Dreams by donating directly to the foundation using the upper right link or by emailing us with any resources that my be helpful to our community.  



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