Books about Autism Spectrum Disorder

A message from Chase: Books are not just a great way to get information about the world of autism, but they can be entertaining as well. With books, you can also take your time – you can stop and think about things, go back and read pages again, and even talk to someone about what you’re reading before continuing with the book. I guess you can say books are patient because they sit there waiting until you’re ready to move on to the next sentence or page. That must be partly why some people say that books are like friends. So if you want something for a kid or an adult, non-fiction or fiction, to learn more about autism, or to just go on a reading adventure that includes a character with autism, here’s a list of books to get you started.



Non-Fiction for Children

Autism in Fiction

Autism in Fiction for Children


Apps for Autism

by Lois Jean Brady

Asperger Syndrom:

The Oasis Guide

by Patricia Romanowski Bashe

Be Different

by John Elder Robison

Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom

by Beth Aune, Beth Burt, and

Peter Gennaro

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum

by Rebecca Dr. Landa, Mary Beth Marsden, & Nancy Burrows

Developing Talents

by Temple Grandin & Kate Duffy

Drawing a Blank

by Emily Iland

Elijah's Cup

by Valerie Paradiz

Emergence: Labeled Autistic

by Dr. Temple Grandin and Margaret M. Scariano

Food Chaining

by Cheri Fraker,  Mark Fishbein, Sibyl Cox & Laura Walbert

Getting a Life with Asperger's

by Jesse A. Saperstein

Mozart and the Whale

by Jerry & Mary Newport

The Out-of-Sync Child

by Carol Stock Kranowitz

The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up

by Carol Stock Kranowitz

Preparing for Life

by Jed Baker

Pretending To Be Normal

by Ron Sandison

Raising Cubby

by John Elder Robison

The Sensory Child Gets Organised

by Carolyn Dalgliesh

The Social Skills Picture Book

by Jed Baker, Ph.D.

Social Thinking at Work

by Michelle Garcia Winner &

Pamela Crooke

Special People, Special Ways

by Arlene Maguire,

illus. by Sheila Bailey

Switched On

by John Elder Robison

The Way I See It

by Dr. Temple Grandin

Thinking Person's Guide

to Autism

by Shannon Des Roches Rosa

Unstrange Minds

by Richard Grinker

Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships

by Dr. Temple Grandin &

Sean Barron

Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism

by Barry M. Prizant and

Tom Fields-Meyer


The Rosie Project

by Graeme Simsion


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