Light for the World: Spreading Inclusive, Equitable, Quality Education Across the Globe

In our global community, Light for the World is a force for good to be reckoned with. Their objective is simple; yet bold, comprehensive, and vast in scope: An inclusive world where equal rights and opportunities for all is no longer a mere vision, but the basic standard by which we all engage and experience life. Light for the World has assembled for itself an internationally distinguished group of trustees, leaders, ambassadors, supporters, and experts in their fields to work with communities, organizations, and governments worldwide to strategically address and champion Disability Rights, Inclusive Education, Independent Living, and Health (most notably, blindness prevention). The interna

At JPMorgan Chase & Co. Diversity and Inclusion is Helping People Build Careers and Independence

For Jim Sinocchi, Head of Disability Inclusion, Business is Personal In matters of disability, diversity, and inclusion there’s no one better qualified to address and conquer obstacles than Jim Sinocchi. He’s the ambitious and accomplished Head of Disability Inclusion at JPMorgan Chase & Co., who’s also a C5-C6 quadriplegic. And his solution-oriented, no-beating-around-the-bush or pulling-any-punches approach makes him the perfect champion for working people with disabilities. “There are qualified people with disabilities working right now –contributing to the bottom line,” declares Sinocchi. “People with disabilities are in the workforce with the right qualifications and competing for the s

At Marriott International, Diversity and Inclusion Means Family

David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President & Global Chief HR Officer, Shares theMarriott Family Legacy When J.W. and Alice S. Marriott began building their business 90 years ago, they chose to establish their foundation on family values that embrace growth and empowerment for all – employees, partners, suppliers, and guests. It’s the cornerstone of their rise from a single root beer stand, to a multinational hospitality company that manages and franchises a global portfolio of more than 6,100 hotels. “Diversity and Inclusion is the number 1 factor of success in our 90 years,” says David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President & Global Chief HR Officer for Marriott International. “It started in 19

American Airlines’ Journey With Diversity and Inclusion

Mike Waldron, Managing Director - Diversity and Talent, Shares How Inclusion Elevates a Diverse Environment The very essence of the airline industry is bridging divides - bringing people together, connecting individuals with their destinies, turning opportunities into experiences, and making the world accessible. It is a part of some of our most important, memorable, profound, and personal life experiences. At American Airlines, this reality is the life-breath and blood of the company, and the vision behind how they build relationships with their employees and customers. Mike Waldron, Managing Director, Diversity and Talent says, “It’s about breaking down barriers. We connect people and cult

Microsoft’s Mission to Empower All Extends Beyond Technology

Neil Barnett, Director of Inclusive Hiring, Shares Microsoft’s Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity Joining the workforce is an exciting, yet intimidating rite-of-passage for any person, whether you are applying for a job at a fast food restaurant or an executive position with a Fortune 500 company. For those who are differently-abled, it can be twice as intimidating, resulting in them not even trying to seek employment due to personal insecurities about their disabilities, or fear of how others may perceive them because of their disabilities. Fortunately, there are corporations that have made social responsibility a priority, and are making tremendous strides in recruiting and accommodatin

Diversity and Inclusion – Is Your Company Succeeding?

Insights from Walgreens Global Chief Diversity Officer Steve Pemberton The subject of inclusion and diversity has become an increasingly important topic for parents of children on the autism spectrum, as more and more children are aging out of the system and in need of support from our world community to find jobs, and gain a better sense of independence. Many companies are just now beginning to weave the concepts of inclusion and diversity into the fabric of their business, while others have had these concepts as a part of their corporate DNA for decades. As a result, I decided to do a series of articles featuring corporations who have demonstrated long standing success in this area, to lea

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