ZamDance! Defying Diagnosis Through Dance

Jacqueline (Jackie) Zamora, founder of ZamDance / ZamMovement, Inc. in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is an extraordinary human being. Tremendously and uniquely gifted, she has answered the call to utilize her gifts to enrich and transform the lives of those with autism, and others with developmental challenges, through the language of movement and music. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Jackie’s passion for dance and exercise propelled her into the elite worlds of professional dance and fitness. However, in 2013, after several providential moments, and years of special education teaching experience; and with the encouragement of a trusted friend, and only $50.00 to her name, Jackie opened the first

EP Magazine - Positive Change for the Special Needs Community

Starting out as Exceptional Parent almost five decades ago— now known simply as ep Magazine — ep has served the disability and special needs community with award-winning content and expertise that people can rely on. Their mission has always been: To Develop, Translate, and Share Information and Education to use as tools to effectuate positive change in the special needs community from infancy to senior citizens across the lifespan. They are currently the only special interest consumer publication in America to bear the endorsement of a professional medical society, the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD.) For the past two decades their efforts have additionall

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