An Ambassador for Greater Understanding and Change

Jake Edwards is a bona fide force of nature. It’s said that Jake possess “autism super powers.” Believe it! It’s true! At only 14 years old, Jake has already been honored as a National Champion of Change by the White House, presented by Vice President Joseph Biden, for his work as Autism Ambassador with the Montgomery County Police Department's Autism Outreach Program in Maryland. Jake was also selected to be among those who greeted Pope Francis during The Pontiff’s 2015 visit to the USA. And most recently, Jake received the Governor’s Citation from the State of Maryland, presented by Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, for his autism advocacy work through Empowering Autism Caregivers. To top it a

Love Me, Love My Dog

Eve Warner Lloyd lives in the UK with her husband Adam and their two children – seven-year-old Baylie and Samuel, who is five-years-old. They moved to Great Malvern, a town made famous as a spa in Victorian times, just before Sam was born in 2010. At the time, Eve was a physics and math tutor and her husband was a tree surgeon and landscape architect. Her story is a familiar one when it comes to the impact autism had on their family, but also a miraculous one as it reveals how the arrival of a puppy turned their lives around. Eve tells her story: Despite being a very unhappy baby and toddler, Sam’s mental and physical development had been normal. But everything changed when he reached the

How One Father is Leaving a Legacy for His Autistic Daughter

One of the subjects that haunt many parents with children who have been diagnosed with autism or with any special circumstance, is the future. Questions like, who will take care of my child when I’m gone? Will they ever be able to live independently? Will they find an occupation or hobby that gives them a sense of self-worth? These are questions that Fullerton, California based store owner Bob Cummins had to ask himself when his daughter, Lauren, was diagnosed with autism at the age of seventeen. I met Bob and Lauren just by chance. Over two years ago now, I was surfing the internet looking for a place that I could print business cards for my then 11-year-old son Chase, to hand out for h

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